Our Collaborate workstream has been developed as part of the ELC QI Learning Exchange to bring focus to improving speech, language and communication needs in ELC. We know from national data and what members have been telling us that this is a priority area for improvement.

We are running themed learning sessions with 4 identified authorities from September 2023 to June 2024 to dig deep into our emerging theory of change shown below. We will share details of the sessions on our Teams site for you to use locally.

We also have a dedicated channel on our Teams site where we will share and learn together from Quality Improvement work across the country that relates to speech, language and communication (SLC) and are running QI Learning Groups starting in September using this as the theme throughout. This will allowing individuals to develop QI Skills while digging into a subject matter relevant to the whole group.

We will continue to share our learning with colleagues in Scottish Government and the regional leads in Education Scotland to ensure our communication and offers of support are aligned and helpful to you.



This work developed as a result of the CYPIC Conference in November 2022. This event included a presentation from Public Health Scotland sharing their latest data and confirming that this is now a public health issue. We therefore held a themed breakout session to consider how QI can be used to improve SLC in the early years. We have collated the feedback you gave us during the event and used it to develop the driver diagram. We also heard about how East Ayrshire has taken a whole system approach to the issue and saw a video showing how this has impacted in  their ELC services: Supporting early communication in East Ayrshire

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