Out to Play Improve

We recently worked with Early Learning and Childcare Policy to run an improvement programme focussed on time spent undertaking outdoor learning and play in natural environments.

6 teams from local authority, private and voluntary settings in Dumfries & Galloway, East Ayrshire, Glasgow and North Ayrshire took part in the programme which provided workshops to support a shared aim of all children in the settings spending at least half of their time outside by November 2021.

Below is the programme change theory we developed which may help you to think about areas of practice in your setting that could be improved.

OTP Change Theory

You can find out more about the learning gained from the programme in our evaluation report.
Read Out to Play Evaluation Report

You can find out more about the overall impact the programme had on the settings by watching the below summary video:
You can find out more about all the changes that were tested in each setting by watching additional short videos here:
View Out to Play Change Ideas
You can find out more about each of the settings that participated in the project by watching short videos here:

View Out to Play Settings
To find out more about how the settings made the improvements, ie the method they used, head over to the QI Zone:
Quality Improvement Zone
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