Our Approach

The Children and Young People Improvement Collaborative is a community of people working to Get It Right For Every Child. It is supported by a national team of Improvement Advisors in Scottish Government.

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Our CYPIC hub staff work to embed systematic quality improvement in our collective national priorities.

Work for the next two years includes:

  • Working in partnership with Education Scotland to support joined up use of Quality Improvement where it is needed most.
  • Supporting national work on The Promise.
  • Developing work on early child development, including speech, language and communication needs.
  • Continuing to support and build the national ELC QI Learning Exchange
  • Working as part of a national support team on element two of the Whole Family Wellbeing Fund to provide targeted support to 3 CSPPs that will enable them to use the QI Journey to transform outcomes for children and families.

CYPIC is a national learning system to build knowledge and improve outcomes for babies, children and young people. We do this by supporting multi-professional communities and networks focused on particular topics, connecting them with experts and those exploring similar issues while giving a platform for emerging work.

We run a range of events, be they virtual or in-person, topic-specific or QI focused throughout the year, culminating in our annual national conference where the breadth of work happening across CYPIC can be explored in one place.

We work in different roles, on varied topics and with different communities, what connects all of us is our systematic use of quality improvement. By applying method to our change programmes we can map the progression of our work, test and refine our approach to ensure we are “doing the right things, right” and most importantly track where we are making a positive difference for the babies, children and young people in Scotland.

CYPIC hub staff promote and practically support the use of the Quality Improvement Journey across our focus programmes and connected networks. They can offer teams guidance and apply a range of tools at every stage of this journey:

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