Our colleagues at NHS Education for Scotland have a series of free eLearning modules available for anyone who wishes to develop their knowledge of Quality Improvement.

We recommend anyone who is a QI beginner to undertake the 4 modules detailed below. Each takes around 30 minutes to complete and provides prompts for reflection to help you relate them to your work. You can access the modules by visiting the QI Zone and registering for a Turas account. Once you have an account, simply log in then use the search function to find the below modules.

  1. Understanding your system - This module aims to provide you with knowledge about systems and the tools you can use to help you understand them, so that you can choose the best changes to test.
  2. Developing your aims and change ideas - This module provides you with the knowledge to develop an aim statement and change theory for your improvement project. Keywords: Service improvement; tools.
  3. Measurement for improvement - This module will help you to identify what to measure, what data to collect, how to interpret the data and tell your quality improvement story. It is an introduction to measurement for anyone who wants to learn how to measure for improvement. 
  4. Testing your change ideas - This module aims to provide you and your team with the knowledge to test out change ideas to see if they lead to improvement.

We ran several learning groups throughout 2023 where colleagues completed the modules independently to develop their skills and knowledge around QI and then came together in a series of online calls to reinforce their learning and consider how to apply in practice. 

The later groups focussed on how QI can be used to improve speech, language and communication in early years and this allowed group reflections and discussions to be more relevant for all.

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