Whole Family Wellbeing Funding Workshop

Whole Family Wellbeing Funding: Thinking about the what and the how of preventative Family Support


Delegates from across Scotland connected around our common purpose of achieving the Family Support Vision and Route Map.  Together, they connected through stories and learning from their local areas before exploring and experiencing elements of the Quality Improvement Journey to help progress their areas of focus.

Specifically, delegates undertook a Systems Mapping exercise highlighting the benefits and unintended consequences in this type of large scale systems change before experiencing different practices to support creating the conditions for this relational work.

A national Learning into Action Network has been established to share learning and exchange knowledge around family support. There is a private group on Knowledge Hub to share a range of useful resources and materials as well as space to collaborate and engage with other members.

Use the following link to create a free account on Knowledge Hub and join the group: Join Learning into Action Group on KHub


Routemap and National Principles of Holistic Whole Family Support


Contact the whole family wellbeing team in Scottish Government for more information:

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