CYPIC National Conference 2022 - Session 3

Early Child Development – It’s Their Right, We Need to Get it Right From the Beginning

Speakers: CYPIC National Improvement Advisors

During the plenary session on early child development, we looked at the need for all babies and children to experience:

  • Sensitive responsive care-giving
  • Stimulation and play
  • Nutrition
  • Protection from avoidable harm

We asked you to help us think about what we need to do differently in order to improve early child development, using these four headings. You gave us really helpful feedback which we used to provide the summary available in the link at the bottom of this page. The information will be used to inform Scottish Government understanding about what more might need to be done to make sure we are getting the above elements right for all babies. Along with the latest evidence, and further engagement, it will help build a picture of whether there are policy gaps and/or delivery gaps and what needs to happen to address these. 

More information on this work as it develops will be shared here.

This was an interactive session therefore no recording is available, however you may find it useful to complete the activity or to view the below resources.


Key slides from sessionSummary of feedback received in session
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