Quality Improvement Examples

There is a wide range of improvement work being carried out locally in community planning partnerships as well as on nationally coordinated projects. A summary of some of these projects can be downloaded from the themed pages in this section and we will continue to add more when improvements are shared with us.

If you would like your improvement work to be featured on this website please forward a copy of your poster (or another format you have used to share your work) to for consideration.

Storyboard posters can be useful tool for effectively presenting your improvement journey. We have provided a template, step-by-step guidance and an exemplar which will support you to showcase a key piece of your improvement work in this way.  You may wish to consider the following when choosing the right project to showcase:

  1. It should be work that uses the Quality Improvement Journey.
  2. It can be new work that is progressing well or work that has been on-going over a longer timeframe.
  3. It could showcase how a project has gone to scale or is being spread.

You can download the documents you need here:

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